July 24, 2020

Scope and Goals

Our playroom is a converted guest room directly off the living room. Our children are 2 and 9 months so it's a perfect location. Because the room is  directly off our main living area, it was important for us to have an aesthetically pleasing space that was also functional and safe for the kids.


I picked a muted gender neutral (but not color neutral) color palette. I love that it doesn't clash with the rest of the house but still has a personality of its own. For the toy storage, we purchased 4 short billy bookshelves from IKEA and attached them all next to each other. The great thing about using open shelving for toy storage is that my kids do not need help getting their toys out. My two year old has been able to learn how to get his toys down himself and how to put them away without making it too complicated. I will be sharing soon how I achieved the fun print on the back of the shelves! When designing this room I had a mission. If COVID is here to stay and we will be stuck at home more than usual, we need this space to operate on multiple levels. We needed areas for:

1. Creative space for arts and crafts

This is where the easel from Melissa and Doug came into play. Before Mothers Morning Out stopped this spring, my son was learning how to draw lines and circles and now he can still practice at home.

2. Building blocks, using play dough, and puzzles (somewhere off the ground so baby doesn't get into anything)

This play table from IKEA is amazing. You can lift up the top and it has space for storage inserts. We keep all the play dough and blocks stored here so it's ready for action each time we play. You can also use these bins for sensory play. Sometimes we are playing with kinetic sand, or shaving cream, and it saves on a ton of hassle and set up time.

3. Imagination play

Teepees and tents are amazing. My son loves to bring his toys into the teepee and "fly" them through the air or have a picnic with his teddy bear. Not to mention how cute they are. Teepees are a fun decor piece because they are useful, fun, and not an eye sore like so many toys can be.

4. "Rough housing" to get the energy out

If you aren't familiar with the Nugget, it is amazing. These couches can be set up in a million different configurations. We set it up for wrestling, sliding, fort building, see-saw, literally anything you can imagine. It also doubles as a place for Mom and Dad to sit and supervise play as well.

5. Reading

Again, the Nugget is amazing. When we aren't using it to play on, we are using it to sit and read books together. This is a toy, a couch for reading, and another great way for those little minds to use their imagination.

6. Open space to just have fun and play toys.

This one is self explanatory. Kids love to just play toys sometimes. and having open space in the middle of the room was the number one spatial concept for us to keep when designing this room.

Once I found a way to incorporate all of these elements, then we just needed a few pieces of decor to bring it together. One way I stayed in budget for the decor was finding these digital downloads (number 2 on the Vision Board) on Etsy and then printing them at Target. Such an easy way to cut an expense and still achieve the same look.

Vision Board


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