July 19, 2020

Scope and Goals

The main goal for this project was to create a cohesive and cozy atmosphere for our Master Bedroom. We also wanted a minimal look to offset the craziness of having young children. Another element we wanted to add was practical technology upgrades to make it more functional for us. Technology is a fun piece of home design for us because when done correctly it should be seamless, efficient, and unseen.


The design themes for this room were soft colors, warm woods, and a minimal vibe. We chose this to make the room uncluttered, relaxed, and a place to unwind and rest. Mixing wood tones is one of my favorite design elements when done correctly. That is why I chose the wooden wall decor that you see over the bed frame. It brings all the wood tones together to give it a cohesive look.

As we talked about earlier, a main goal in this room was keeping clutter away. The first step was finding the right night stands. We needed something with drawers to stay practical for everyday life but still sleek. I love the mid century look of these because it achieves exactly what I was going for. When these nightstands arrived from Wayfair, I was happy with the construction and design but they still needed something to elevate them and give them a more chic look. I found the perfect hexagon knobs from CB2 to give them that little boost without taking away from the intended design.

Another way to keep clutter to a minimum was having wall sconces instead of table lamps on the night stands. I love the way this elevates the room and draws your eye up. I also did plug in wall sconces for two reasons. 1. The cord is part of the aesthetic. And 2. The installation is far easier. As my husband will tell you, I like to reserve the right to change my mind on decor. By using plug in wall sconces, it felt like less of a commitment.

A big part of design for me is always bringing in house plants. Our master bedroom doesn't get the best natural light so I specifically chose plants keeping that in mind and they are thriving!

The last part of the room I want to talk about today is the bed. Invest in the right bed and mattress from the beginning! We are in love with this bed and mattress. We have a mattress from Purple and are in love. After chasing two kids around all day, there is no better feeling than sinking into it. Because of the nature of the Purple mattress, we needed to have a platform bed. This frame was perfect. It was consistent with the mid century modern style that I love, and is a little lower to the ground which makes it so cozy and easy to get in and out. For all my mamas out there, you will be glad to have a lower bed! I ended up having c sections for both my babies and having a lower bed that I didn't have to climb in and out made all the difference! It also makes it easy for my little boy to get in and out when he wants to come in for a quick snuggle.


The technology items that we added to the bedroom are common, practical additions.

  • We installed a TV on the wall with an Apple TV connected to it.
  • We installed plugin wall sconces above the nightstands with smart light bulbs.

While adding these items is relatively straightforward, doing so while blending into the cozy design of the room requires it be done correctly. Here is a breakdown of each piece:

Mounted TV on the wall with hidden Apple TV and no visible cords. Ethernet hardwired to Apple TV.

  • TV Mount: TV mounts hold a lot of weight. It’s best to mount them on wall studs. Use a stud finder to locate the center of the stud. Most newer homes are built with 16 inch stud gaps, but they can range from X to Y.
  • Apple TV Mount: This mount sticks or clips to the back of your TV to hide both the device and the wires from view. Apple TV remotes work off of Bluetooth and WiFi so you don't have to worry about the device being in line of sight to control it.
  • Apple TV HD: Apple TV's are our preferred smart TV box. Many TVs come with them built-in now, but this keeps everything integrated with our Apple accounts and works for sharing content from phones or iPads as needed via Airplay.
  • Ethernet: I ran CAT5e cable through the attic from the TV to our ethernet hub. It is challenging running cable down from attic on exterior facing walls - you have to get around the insulation and the wall channels have a one or two 2x4s that must be drilled through with a large size drill bit. (1/2 to 3/4 inch). Additionally, special termination and outlet creation tools are required to setup the ethernet outlet, but if you’re building a smart home and have Gigabit speed internet to your house. It  may be worth it to invest in these because most WiFi routers (some new ones are fast, but expensive) can’t utilize the full speed provided by "fiber" internet. A smart home also has many WiFi enabled devices that can clog bandwidth. Therefore, Ethernet is often still the best choice for speed critical devices (e.g. streaming boxes like Apple TV) , if available.
  • Power Outlet: I'm not an electrician, but you don't need to be to add a power outlet on an existing circuit as long as you take proper precautions. I recommend following a guide specific to your situation. I follow the steps in this article to install this outlet. It was very straight forward and took about 30 minutes.

Mounted globe fixtures on the wall next to bed in lieu of traditional nightstand lamps. We made the lamps smart-enabled with Philips Hue White Ambiance lights. The "White Ambiance" lights were the right choice for us because we didn't need color changing lights and the ambiance designation means they are dimmable, which is easy to do via the Home app on your phone. The wall globes were straightforward to mount on the wall, similar to hanging a picture. The smart lights we used were also easy to setup. We got the Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit which includes a Philips Hue hub that we can continue to add lights to over time. The instructions they provide walk you through the connection of the lights to HomeKit, using the HomeKit codes provided on the box.

Vision Board


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