August 5, 2020

Scope and Goals

I never thought I would be an all white kitchen fan, but here we are. Throughout this home decor process, our biggest goal has been to decrease clutter. When you have two tiny kids creating their own mess, it is important for us to decrease the clutter and streamline design anywhere else we can.


In an all white kitchen, it is easy to spot the mess and clean. For some this might be frustrating, but for me it is so satisfying to look at those sparkling counters. Our countertops use to be a functional granite, but we recently replaced them with this fabulous quartz called Brunello Quartz. Our old granite was beautiful, but the pattern always felt too busy for our space. Because of our open concept kitchen to living room, I wanted to find the right counters that flowed through the space and didn't feel cluttered.

Because our kitchen is all white, we needed a pop of color somewhere. This rug from Milagro Collective is amazing. To know me is to know my love of vintage Turkish and Persian rugs. They are durable, high quality, and gorgeous. I love the colors and styles that they can bring together. You can use a vintage rug in any style home from traditional to modern and everything in between. In our very modern kitchen, this vintage rug helps to tie it together with the other rooms and spaces in our home. There are a few amazing ladies that I have found and follow for the BEST vintage beauties. I will highlight them with each room.

My style can lean somewhat eclectic. While I love mid century modern and modern furniture, I love to mix styles and different elements. One example of this is our kitchen hardware. I love the mixture of having brass hardware on the cabinets, but still maintaining the stainless steel sink and appliances. Breaking the rules of design is part of the fun in exploring your own style. Toeing this line can be fun, but also challenging. To make sure the brass hardware doesn't feel out of place, I have added small brass touches throughout the other main rooms in our home (living room and dining room) ranging from light fixtures to furniture hardware and room accents.

Next up are these bar stools from Wayfair. My style for furniture is very mid century modern and I love that these stools bring that to the table but aren't overbearing. The faux leather is easy to wipe off and they are surprisingly comfortable!

Just off our kitchen (behind the bar stools) we have a small seating area and coffee bar that also features a beautiful vintage Turkish rug to tie into the kitchen. I will be tackling the furniture in this room next and can't wait to show y'all when its done!


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