July 26, 2020

Scope and Goals

When I started my vision for this room the only thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was wallpaper. I wanted to find the right wallpaper that was sweet enough for a nursery but not too young that it can't grow with her through the next years. I searched everywhere before settling on this wallpaper from Anthropologie. It is feminine, sweet, and delicate. It also didn't feel like it was over powering the rest of the room.


Once I found the wallpaper, it was like everything else fell into place. The color palette was set. This simple and minimalist crib from IKEA was just what we needed to balance with the wallpaper. Our rocking chair we reused from our sons room and the neutral color fit right in. To save space and not feel too cluttered, we used the dresser as a changing table as well (I will be going into more detail in a new post soon about how I painted this dresser). My Dad built a holder for the changing pad to keep it in place on top of the dresser and maintain safety. The fact that my Dad built it, also made it a sweet and special touch for this room.

The small details in kids rooms are what bring me joy. This vintage Persian rug from AD Textiles was the perfect small detail. I wanted something that can carry into any room she lives in and hopefully want to pass down. My son also has a small vintage rug in his room (more to come on his room later) across the hall, so this was a nice way to bring the rooms together.

Time to tell y'all a little more about the wall shelves. Another IKEA find, they match perfectly with the crib. I love the multiple ways they can be used. Having one turned right side up for books and having one turned upside down as a space for dresses is amazing. I think we can all agree that baby girl clothes are adorable. So why not let them be part of the decor as well? My method for styling the clothes on this shelf is to pick things with the same sleeve length and waist length so it still has a cohesive look. I like to style it for each upcoming season. Because my daughter is so young sometimes she does not have enough items in a particular size to fill up the shelf. In that case I will style by color instead of length so I can use pieces in other sizes as well. Another thing I am sure to include is clothing pieces with texture to add another element into the design. In my current shelf you can see the front sweater is knit and has pom poms giving it more dimension. My favorite places for baby and toddler clothes are small shops I find on Instagram, as well as Zara and H&M.

Vision Board



A quick post on the chalk painted dresser in our nursery