July 19, 2020


Welcome to Mara Designs! We're happy to have you here. We just launched this site today! It's been a work in progress for the past couple months, and we're excited to share it with you now.

Our goal with this site is to share our ideas and passion with you on home design to help you realize your dream home vision. To help you find your way around, here is how the site is structured:

  • Posts - The Posts page is setup like a typical blog. You can view all of our posts about home design, decor, products we like, ideas for types of spaces, and smart home technology here.
  • Rooms - The Rooms page showcases our portfolio of completed designs that combine the concepts and products we discuss on the site. Rooms also show what to expect from our consulting services and how the Vision Boards translate into finished spaces.
  • Gallery - The Gallery has all the pictures from our Portfolio collected in one place for easy browsing. Looking to get inspired? Go here to see what has been done in different rooms over time.
  • Services - We offer consulting services to help you realize your dream home vision. The Services page details what we offer. You can reach out to us with information about what you need help on from this page.
  • About - The About page has info about the creators of this site as well as our inspiration for it. You can also contact us from this page to ask a question, drop us a note, or just say hi!

As of the now, we have two Room showcases from our home on the site with many more in the works. You can check them our here:

We plan to post new content every week and appreciate any feedback you have! To make sure you see our latest content, subscribe to our email list below or from the Home page.

Thanks for stopping by!