August 6, 2020


Our soon to be three year old boy loves two things more than anything. Puzzles and books. Nothing else compares. He is getting to the age when he is starting to try and give up his nap, so instead we are trying to at least make sure he has some quiet and alone time in his room while baby sister naps. That is where this reading nook comes in. It is in his room (separate from the playroom) so he can stay in his quiet place and not be distracted by toys. Its a nice place to sit and rest and go through his books. Every once in awhile he'll take his books and climb in bed or even fall asleep in the chair. Either way, its a nice time to give Mama a break and recharge for the afternoon. Being so little, the key for this space was making sure the book shelves were low enough for him to reach on his own and feel like it was made for him. For the book shelves I used the flisat shelves from IKEA and spray painted them matte black (these are the same ones I have in my daughters room as well). I try to rotate the books out every so often so he doesn't get bored. But again, he is not quite three yet so he cannot actually read. I usually include books that he knows by heart so he can still "read" the story. The chair is the Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids and is the perfect size for him. He has had it for about 2 years and uses it all the time. The sweet banners are just felt banners that I made with my Cricut. Last but not least is the guitar. This is out of reach because it is not a "quiet time" activity. It is also something that my husband loves to do with him and teach him, so its always a fun treat when he gets it down. This guitar is from Loog and we highly recommend. Its so cute and is a real guitar so he is actually learning how to play it.