We’re Jordan and Leigh, the husband and wife team behind this site. Leigh is the creative force in our work. She loves photography, crafts, home decor, organization, and taking care of our two kids: Jamie and Anna. Jordan is the technical expert. He loves tinkering with technology, finding efficiencies to make our lives easier, and converting an idea into a solution.

We started this site to share our adventure, ideas, challenges, and tips on making a house a Home. A Home should be functional, efficient, and bring you joy. Specifically, we love minimalist and eclectic modern design concepts, but we also want to take advantage of all the functional benefits that new technologies are bringing to homes. We hope you find our insights helpful in your home designs adventures.

Disclaimer: This site has affiliate links to products we recommend. If you purchase something after clicking on a link from our site, we may receive a commission from the site we linked to. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases that you make on Amazon. These links help us by providing funds to support the development of content, hosting and general maintenance of the site. It doesn't cost you anything extra when purchasing the products. We appreciate your support!

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